Felted finger puppet

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  1. ennen kuin saat osat tarttumaan toisiinsa.

Felted puppet

Materials for felting: Wool, soap, warm water, cold water and a towel for protecting the table.
For finishing the puppet: Glue, sticks for gule, eyes, yarn for whiskers, pearls or dried peppers for nose and felted fabric for ears and tails ect.


  1. Set a small towel to cover your table or working area.
  2. Put warm water in a bowl and drop your soap in the water.
  3. Pick wool and shread it to thin layers. 
  4. Set the wool around your finger. Make many acrossed layers.
  5. Tap the wool with soap water all around. Then rub it with gently. When the wool starts to felt, you can rub harder.
  6. Add soap when needed. You can even rub the felt with the soap bar. Keep on rubing until the wool thikens. Making the wool felt takes time so be patient.
  7. When the wool feels thick and dense, rinse it with cold water. Cold water closes the fibers and makes your felt more durable.
  8. Let your finger puppet dry.
  9. Finish the puppet by glueing details. Add a great deal of glue to make your pieces stick. You can even let the glue dry a little bit before adding more.