Ice cube painting

In English

Ice cube painting activity is lots of fun and a cool and unique way to get children to paint. And it’s great both indoors and outdoors – keep it in mind when summer comes.

First, add different colors of paint or food coloring to an ice cube tray – few drops are enough. Pour water and fill the tray to the top. Mix well with toothpicks or grilling sticks. You can also pre-mix the colorful water in separate trays and when you have reached the desired tine, pour the mixture into the ice tray. The more coloring you add the darker the paint will be. Keep in mind that the coloring can stain hands as it melts later.

Kuvassa erivärisiä jääkuutiopaloja muotissa, joilla lapsi maalaa paperia.

Prepare the handles by putting some popsicle sticks or pieces of grilling sticks into each separate color. Place the tray in the freezer and leave until the paint is frozen solid. Loosen the paint cubes with warm water. Cover the table with some plastic or old newspaper, as food coloring will stain, and lay out some thicker watercolor paper sheets. Children will love mixing the colors together to make new colors. They will notice the sense of urgency as the ice paints began to melt and feel the cold sensation felt at their fingertips.

Who knew ice could be so fun!