Mess free color mix

In English

Here is a fun way to color mix with a twist of spring – and it is mess free! This could also be a great way to learn shapes and how primary colors mix together to make secondary colors.

Some ideas what cut-outs to use: flowers, leaves, vegetables, butterflies, clouds, sun, rubber boots, umbrella, watering can, geometric shapes etc.

Trace the outline of the chosen image on one piece of a cardboard and then use sharp knife to cut out the shape. Use markers if you need to draw some extra details.

Lapsi tekemässä sotkutonta maalausta. Kuvassa lapsen kädet painamassa muovipussia, jonka alla on väriä.

Put two or more paints on separate parts of a freezer bag to avoid mixing. Close the bag and remove the air bubbles. Tape the top of the bag to make sure the paint won’t leak. Tape the plastic bag down to the cardboard to avoid it moving around while your child is mixing the colors. Then add the second piece of cardboard to the back and tape the cardboard pieces together.

Sotkutonta maalausta. Lapsi ja sotkuttumalla maalaustekniikalla tehty perhonen.

When it’s all taped together the child can use their hands to spread each color from side to side, until it is all mixed together into a new one. Make as many different shapes and color combinations as you want, options are endless.

Materials: identical pieces of cardboard, plastic freezer bags (different sizes), acrylic or finger paint, waterproof tape, scissors / paper scalpel or sharp knife, markers