Painting on crayon

In English
Kuvataide ja kädentaidot

Painting on a crayon is a fun way to vary your watercolor painting because the crayon repels the water. For this task you’ll need a cup of water, a brush, a crayon, watercolors and a paper. We recommend you use a paper that is ment for watercolors.

  1. Draw forms on paper with your crayon. Example dots or lines. Press properly but leave some of your paper unmarked.
  2. Dip your brush in your water and wet the paper properly.
  3. Take color on your brush using a wet brush.
  4. Paint over your drawing that you did with a crayon.
  5. Use one or two colors and let them blend together.

This instruction was made for Crafts bag – ARXantai event. Look for all the instructions and make your own Fairytail bird. Search the instructions using the word ’craftsbag’.