Painting on dry and wet

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Painting on wet and dry

Watercolors work differently on wet and dry papers. You can use the different techniques for the same painting. But try first. For this task you’ll need a cup of water, a brush, watercolors and paper.

Painting on wet paper

  1. Dampen your paper properly using just water
  2. Take a lot of color on your brush by using a wet brush.
  3. Touch your paper very lightly with your brush and look how the color starts to spread.
  4. Continue like this and paint patterns. You can use more than one color and let the colors blend with each other.

Painting on dry paper

  1. You can continue painting on the same paper when the paper is complitely dry or take a clean sheet.
  2. Dip your brush in the water and dry it gently on the edge of your cup so that some of the water comes out.
  3. Swirl your brush properly on your watercolor.
  4. Paint details and marks. Try out what is a good amout of water and color on your brush so that the brush slides nicely on the paper.
  5. Try how tiny details you can paint.
  6. Use different colors.

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