Salt painting

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Kotona tehtävät
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salt painting

Salt painting is a fun technique for watercolor painting. Forms will appear when the salt absorbs water and paint from the painting.

For this task you will need a cup of water, a paintbrush, watercolors, paper and rock salt.

1. Wet your paper using the brush. Do this properly so that the paper gets really damp.
2. Swirl the wet brush in your watercolor many times to get a lot of color.
3. Paint with big strokes. You can add one or two colors and let them blend together.
4. Sprinkle the salt on your painting.
5. Let your painting dry through. When dry, shake off excess salt to trash.

This instruction was made for Crafts bag – ARXantai event. Look for all the instructions and make your own Fairytail bird. Search the instructions using the word ’craftsbag’.