Throw a poem

In English

Throw a poem is a play with words. It can work as a warm up for writing session, as an inspiration for an image or just a moment of fun. You can even throw your self a bed time poem for a good night sleep!

Materials: a die, a paper, a pencil

Use a die to make a random poem for example about spring or staying at home.

1. Start by writing down words about your theme. Make three groups of words and to each group six words.

The first group of words answers to a question “how or what kind” e.g., sneaky, yellow, airy.

The second group answers to a question “what or who” e.g., sun, puddle, Aunt Irma. These words don’t have to relate to the words in the first group. You can pick your words randomly.

The third group is for words that answer the question “where”. This can be near of far, in something big or small, like on the roof or in my hand.

2. Once you’ve come up with six words for each group, put a number from one to six in front of each word.

3. Then start throwing you poem. Start with words that describe your theme. “The spring is…” or “Staying at home is …” After choosing your opening words throw the die to get a word from your first group. E.g., if you get a number two, choose the second word from your first list. Then repeat this with your other lists of groups.

Now you have a one verse poem. You can continue by throwing more words for another verse, or you could turn your verse into a short story by using your verse as an opening line. Or… paint your poem!