Colorful coincidence

In English

Colorful coincidence is a play of painting and drawing that you can do together or by yourself. The play starts by adding drops of color on the paper. In our test we were dropped first some water and then added color on the drops. It was just so fascinating to watch how the drops sucked the color in. Next blow on the drops to make them splash. You can try blowing from different angles. When the paper is full of colorful spots, you leave it to dry. Now you can clean your brushes and paints and take your markers.

Kuvassa lapsi puhaltaa paperille tiputettuja väripisaroita rikki.

When all the paint is dry, take your markers and start drawing on your drops. What will your drops be? Will you add faces, brunches, routes, tires? Maybe your drops will tell you by their shape, what it wants to be.

Tip: Instead of watercolors you can try this with coffee, tea or berry juice. You can add to the surprise by adding sugar or salt on your paper.

Materials: water, brushes (or something you can drop water), watercolors, paper and markers.